Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Direction Perfume: Our Moment vs. That Moment

Being a fan of One Direction is fun, but it can be expensive. Especially for a spontaneous buyer like me. So when One Direction came out with Our Moment, I immediately went out and purchased the gift set. A few months later, One Direction released a summer version of their original perfume. Ironically named "That Moment," the perfume is a nice addition to their small collection of fragrances. Despite people laughing at the poorly named fragrance, I couldn't help but go out and buy it. Not to bash on celebrity fragrances, but they're usually not the best. From personal experience, they can have a sickly sweet and an overpowering scent that isn't really appealing. So when I heard One Direction came out with a fragrance, I was hesitant to purchase. But at first whiff, I was pleasantly surprised. But unless you want to spend $120 on perfume, I recommend you chose the "moment" that applies best to you.

Our Moment

As described by the One Direction perfume website, Our Moment contains, "Top notes of fresh fruit and heavenly scented flowers infused with undertones of warm musk." This is a pretty good explanation if you speak perfume. But from someone who has no idea what "warm musk" smells like, I'm going to try and explain what it smells like to me.

At first, you can smell the grapefruit and berries (as stated on the website), but throughout the day, this fruity scent dies quickly to a vanilla scent with a muted fruity background. Despite the website claiming there are notes of flowers, I think this scent is more fruity than anything.
Time-wise, this perfume is really strong when you first apply it, but it quickly dies down, so you will need a second spritz later in the day.

On a side note, I may be doing a second review on the lotion and shower gel that came in the gift set with this product.

That Moment

By the website's description, "The soft fragrance is made up of splashes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers infused with an undertone of musk," the two fragrances seem pretty similar, but in reality, they have very few similarities.

That Moment, at first whiff, is incredibly fresh. With it's hints of cucumber and green apple, That Moment is the perfect summer scent. The main difference between the two fragrances is the vanilla scent. In this perfume that scent is completely lost, but that's what allows it to be fresh.

The main similarities between the two is their look and the time they last. Other than that, the scents are completely unique. But if you're just looking to buy some One Direction merchandise, buy a t-shirt instead. Although this fragrance is one of my favorites, it's a splurge.

Both perfumes, at the 100mL size, cost $59.50 USD. That Moment is currently not available for purchase on the official One Direction perfume website, but it is available on my Luvocracy and Polyvore for purchase. Our Moment is available for purchase on the official website, but I have also made it available on my Luvocracy and Polyvore.

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